The face behind Goldrach

Moving away from home at 15 has its perks, but it wasn't a walk in the park. I spent two years at a professional training highschool for ballet, the Harid Conservatory. I graduated from the U. of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music with a BFA in Ballet Performance. Two years on campus at UC, two years dancing professional with the Sarasota Ballet - which included moving back in with my parents. After graduating college, I spent an additional two years at Sarasota Ballet, still living with my parents (if you were wondering). Now, I live in Raleigh, NC working daily to create meaningful content for a variety of clients and teaching ballet to tiny tots. My love for ballet continues, but my growing interest in all things social drove me to make a change. Cheers to the hustle! 


Check out some of my personal projects I'm working on. Beyond the daily grind.

slice by slice

A pizza instagram

Follow my boyfriend & I as we travel the world eating pizza, #slicebyslice. Always looking for suggestions on where to get the best slice! 


Highlights local digs

Raleigh business owner? I'll come check you out! My #rachelinraleigh looks to share my experiences with  local restaurants, bars, boutiques, spaces and more. 

Road to yelp elite

Avid reviewer

Working to post enough content to apply to become Yelp Elite. Check out my profile, give me a follow or read one of my reviews.