Becoming Goldrach

so here's a little bit about me ... okay maybe a lot about me 

This time last year, I was dancing professionally in Sarasota pursuing a career I couldn't believe was my real life. I was getting to do what I loved with people I loved everyday. So it may seem crazy to think that in April I cold-turkey quit my job and decided to move to a new state. But not to me. The idea of the move was initiated by the location of my boyfriend, but it turned into a way to get out of my comfort zone. This time last year, I was also starting my 4th consecutive year living with my parents, after moving back in. Now those who know me, know that I moved out when I was just 15 to start training at a ballet boarding school in Florida. So living with my parents at 23 seemed like a big deal.

After graduating high school, I attended the University of Cincinnati to work towards my BFA. Believe it or not, I did not want to go to college. But I had no drive to do research about professional companies on my own, and my mom plopped all this college information in my lap - so it kind of just happened. Two years into my college education, I got an unpaid traineeship with the Sarasota Ballet that I decided to take while finishing up my degree. After graduating from UC, (magna cum laude, I might add), I stayed for another two years dancing at Sarasota progressing through the ranks to full time company member. The past 6 years have been a  series of things "happening to me" without me making any real decisions for myself. So this move is more than living near my boyfriend, it's about doing something for myself.

So, let me clear a few things up. Although my senior year of high school I didn't want to go to college, today I am extremely grateful for my education. And although I quit my job in Sarasota, my time there was nothing short of extraordinary. I have had a great career dancing and I hope to continue performing when I can. But now, a drive to learn about all things social has caused me to shift my gears. Ballet will forever be my first love, and so many skills that I learned from dancing in a professional company, going away to summer intensive and training at a boarding school carry over to my daily life. Ballet helped me grow up and continues to take me me on an incredible journey. 

This week I will get to teach classrooms full of eager little ballerinas while working with companies to further their social presence. Goldrach was born out of my need to always be hustling and shuffling. While I was dancing, I would almost always be working a second job. I was pretty much always running around like a crazy person. I was preparing myself for this very moment, without even realizing it. I want to prove to all young professionals that you really can do what you love everyday. I want to show people how to embrace that feeling of slight uncertainty. I've learned to live life unconventionally, but I believe that my way is slowly becoming conventional. Some people may think that I sacrificed my ballet career, but I know this is the life I'm meant to be living in this moment. 

So take a look around my site and learn a little bit about what I do. I am always looking for new experiences, and new friends. Through goldrach and Stay Golden, I want to take clients and readers down a road they've never traveled. Feel free to contact me day or night at


Cheers to the hustle


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