My 8 Favorite Blue Apron Recipes

Food Envy Delivered right to your door.

Over the past few years, meal delivery services like Blue Apron have become extremely popular. You can get fresh ingredients with unique recipes right on your doorstep, every week if you want! How does it work? You simply pick 3 meals from one of their 6 options for the week and Blue Apron provides you with pre-measured quantities of locally sourced ingredients and the recipes. I was first introduced to Blue Apron just over a year ago when it was just becoming popular at work. It really took off while I was dancing at Sarasota Ballet and there would be piles of Blue Apron boxes at security week after week. Not only is it a fun experience to cook with friends, you'll also give others some serious meal envy when you post your creations to Instagram and Snapchat. I've rounded up some of my favorite meals since taking on my first Blue Apron in August of 2015 and included the recipes in case you want to relive an old favorite or try something new. (And no, this is not a sponsored post - I just truly love blue apron.) Hope you're hungry!


Salmon Caesar salad

with Homemade Sourdough Croutons

This was actually the first Blue Apron meal that I ever took on! Thanks to my friend Ellen, I was able to enjoy this wonderfully fresh salmon caesar, perfect for a warm summer day. The salmon was delicious, the croutons added a perfect crunch and the dressing was on point. I would definitely recreate this, maybe on a larger scale to bring to dinner at a friend's.

 full recipe here


Orecchiette Pasta & Roasted Chickpeas

with Kale & Smoked Paprika

My friend Patrick and I actually added some Italian sausage to this otherwise vegetarian dish, and of course we had to pair the pasta with some red wine. I loved the roasted chickpeas so much that I find myself recreating them and adding to similar pasta dishes. 

full recipe here


Seared Cod & Date Vinaigrette

with Browned Butter, Quinoa & Spinach Salad

This was another one with Ellen, and as always she was a model hostess and kept the champs flowing. I've always been a fan of dates, but this dish was truly something unique. All the flavors paired so well together for a meal that was light, but surprisingly filling. 

full recipe here


Fontina & Preserved Lemon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

with Endive, Clementine & Mint Salad

This was a great twist on a classic grilled cheese, one of my go to comfort foods. I invited Ellen to mine to enjoy this as part of her birthday present. The salad was perfectly proportioned and the grilled cheese was so unique - the melty fontina paired effortlessly with the tart lemon. I think that I may have to give this one another try soon - I'll keep y'all updated! 

full recipe here


Seared Cod & Udon Noodles

with Cabbage & Shiitake Mushroom Broth

Who doesn't love a good noodle bowl? I know I do but I don't always think to make them at home. That's one of the things I love so much about Blue Apron. It gives customer a chance to cook something that isn't in their usual repertoire. And I LOVE their cuts of fish, always extremely fresh and perfectly flaky when cooked. 

full recipe here


Cheesy Enchiladas Rojas

with Mixed Mushrooms & Spinach

I am always a sucker for Spanish food - and this recipe hit the nail right on the head. This meal was actually for three people instead of two and all three of us take our plating very seriously, naturally. Enchiladas are difficult to make look pretty, so Asia, Madysen and I were working hard to get our plates Insta-worthy. But I think by adding the avocado, we were able to pull it together for a true fiesta - while sipping on Coronas of course. 

full recipe here


Brie & Pear Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

with Brussels Sprout, Arugula & Hazelnut Salad

First, how gorgeous is this bouquet? Second, I may or may not have been standing on a chair at Ellen's for this photo. Another Blue Apron grilled cheese, and another meal that I adore. I hate brussels but they were perfectly disguised in this salad by the flavorful arugula and crunchy hazelnuts. And of course, dinner at Ellen's always means champagne! 

full recipe here


Dukkah-Spiced Cod

with Warm Beet, Carrot & Arugula Salad

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of this dish at first, because I'm not a huge fan of beets. That being said, this really blew me out of the park! The recipe called for the beets to be boiled, marinated and seasoned, and to my surprise they tasted delicious. And as always, Blue Apron crushed the fish game with great seasoning and remarkable freshness. 

full recipe here


If you're thinking of giving Blue Apron a try, I highly recommend it! I've never been disappointed and their unique recipes help spice up any boring work week. What are your favorite Blue Apron recipes that weren’t on my list? Or do you have another favorite meal delivery service? I'm always up to try something new!