So ... Why Am I Starting A Blog?

and why it isn't like anything you've ever seen before

You may be asking yourself why is Rachel starting a blog? And then you may find yourself asking, why should I read her blog? Well let me answer both of those questions with one statement.

I have a lot of stories to tell.

My social media accounts are only a small dose of all that I've experienced in my lifetime and I think that my background can help others to do things they never thought were even possible. I've traveled the world. I've danced in a professional ballet company. I've lived in five different cities for extended periods of time. I'm building my own brand and business. Armed with mainly my iPhone, a love for food, and an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, I began to curate a life that I not only love, but that I am extremely proud of. I think that everyone has an important story to tell - filled with endless opportunities to learn and grow. Every up and every down can help us piece together why we are who we are and how we can become the person we truly want to be. By starting a blog, I can tell you my favorite places to get coffee but I can also give you some insight on what my struggles and victories have been so you're better armed when you go through similar situations yourself. 

Stay Golden is a way to give back to businesses that I love, inspire others, help myself grow and to cultivate a space for collective learning and growing. We were all born with the ability to create a life we love, but not without some rainy days. But it's those rainy days that make the sunny ones that much better (alright, that was corny). So put yourself out there, travel to new lands and do what you were put on this earth to do, live your life. Beyond that, it's a way for potential clients and brands to see a little bit what I'm about. 

So, I hope that you will join me on my journey, where ever life may take me! And don't forget to stay golden xx 


i love feedback

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