How to Create an Awesome Gallery Wall for Cheap

Since moving to Raleigh in August, I have been curating a pretty fantastic gallery wall across from my bed, where my TV is. I really believe that surrounding yourself with things that you love and make you smile, will help you be more productive and happier. Since I work at home a lot, I love hanging inspirational quotes, beautiful pictures and dance related prints to motivate me. I wanted to share with you some tips on how to create your own gallery wall for extremely cheap and break down where all of my pieces are from. 


Tips for curating an inexpensive gallery wall

1. I literally save EVERYTHING from magazines to cards from three years ago to flowers from every occasion. If you're like me, than you have plenty of materials to start creating a killer gallery wall. If you're not, I suggest that you start saving magazines, cards, CD inserts - anything that has catchy phrases or artwork. Pretty much everything that I have hanging on my wall or displayed in my room, was either given to me or is something I saved for such a project. 

2. Visit thrift stores and art flea markets to find those unique one of a kind pieces. Whether it be Goodwill or a local favorite (like Bargain Box in Raleigh), you'll always find inexpensive ways to spice up your gallery wall. I've found some really great stuff at the Women's Exchange in Sarasota (for my FL readers) and that includes furniture too! 

3. Invest in some washi tape, natural twine, command hooks and/or clothespins for easy ways to hang and secure your pieces. Pretty much my entire apartment is held together by command hooks, I absolutely swear by them because they don't leave holes or a mess when you're renting. Washi tape (especially in fun colors!) make great frames and add a less formal element to your gallery wall. I use twine and clothespins to create hanging options for photos and fun banners. I have linked some options at the bottom! 

4. Don't be afraid to be bold with your colors! I have a lot of stuff going on (including a bright lime green poster) but I think that it adds a fun element to my wall. The best part is, since most is taped or command hook-ed - it's incredible easy to take down if you change your mind! 


The breakdown

1. Balloon Card : This is from a birthday card a friend gave me. Rip in half, use your washi tape and voila! 

2. Do Epic Ish Printout : This is something that I found on Etsy from Purposeful Printables for $1.99! It's a digital download and you just print it off to hang on your wall. 

3. Colorful Woman Card : This is from a card my mom got me for my birthday, I used the same technique as the balloon card. 

4. Polaroid of Boyfriend : I have an old polaroid camera and I bought this colorful film from the Impossible Project for a fun touch. 

5. Merci Bouquet & I'd Rather Be at the Beach Canvases : These pieces I made using an old Vera Bradley planner from 2015/16. I bought a set of 4 tiny canvases, matched up the patterns and glued ripped up pieces on the canvases. I then covered them with Modge Podge for a finished look. 

6. Girl Power Artwork : This is ripped right out of an issue of Conscious Magazine

7. Inspirational Quote Banner : These little Mini Motivators came for free with my Do Epic Ish Printout from Etsy! I just used my washi tape and made a banner with twine and some leftover scrapbook paper. 

8. Framed Girl Watching TV : This is actually from an H&M catalogue! They have a lot of really cool styled photos to use for your wall and they're way bigger than normal magazine size. 

9. Hope Can Spring : This is from a 2015/16 calendar that I bought for under $5 last summer from Francescas. They had such great artwork in there and I totally knew I would use it! 

10. Crown & Sword Artwork by George Condo : This is from a CD insert from a Kanye West Album. I hot glued some leftover gold yarn I had on their for some extra texture. 

11. Girls in Car Prints : These are also from the same H&M catalogue! I taped up some old matting to give them a framed look. 

12. Skull & Yet Another Day Artwork : The skull artwork and the Confetti Cannon quote are from a pack of Studio Ink postcards I received as a gift. They worked perfectly on my wall! 

13. Travel far, Travel wide & Travel often : This little map print is from a cheap photo album I bought at Target. I wound up getting rid of the album but took this out of the front to use for another project. 

14. Dried Flower Shadow Box : As I mentioned before I save flowers from every occasion. I had a little vase of dried out flowers and decided to make something out of them. I got the shadow box and pins from Michaels and simply arranged them to my liking. 

15. Polaroid Vertical Garland : What I did here was tie together a long piece of twine and loop two command hooks around the end. I used clothespins to hang the polaroids and taped additional polaroids over the command hooks to hide them. 

16. Two Pieces by Artist Paula Mae : I bought these two pieces from an art fair in Sarasota from Paula Mae. I loved the colors and they wound up being around $60 each. 

17. Abstract Ballet Dancers Art : My mom won this piece in a bid war on Ebay and gifted it to me.

18. Alvin Ailey & Sadlers Wells Poster : This was something that I found in the Women's Exchange in Sarasota on a whim. We got it framed and it's my absolute favorite piece I own.

19. Black and White Ballerina : This is a card that guests got from a fundraising event during my Sarasota Ballet years. It's actually my old Assistant Artistic Director! 

20. Ballerina Artwork by George Condo : This is another part of the CD sleeve from Kanye West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

21. Emerald Ballerina Print : This illustration is from a New York City Ballet program that I snagged when going to see the Royal Ballet at Lincoln Center. 


Now Create Your OWn!

I've linked some materials, printout options and suggestions to curate your own wall for less. 

What are some of your favorite DIY projects? Drop me a line!